Our Aim

Our aim is simple: to create fatty soaps that leave your hands well moisturized, rejuvenated, and beautifully scented. Unlike conventional hand soaps that often strip away the natural oils from your skin, our soaps are specially formulated with a 20% superfat content. This higher percentage of superfat ensures that your skin remains hydrated and protected, even after repeated use when you wash off the chalk from your hands after climbing. We believe that moisturized hands are happy hands, and we strive to bring you the ultimate hand soap experience. In our pursuit of excellence, we prioritize the use of natural ingredients as much as possible. By carefully selecting the finest components, we ensure that our soaps cleanses and nourishes your skin.

But ClimberSoap is not just about function; our soaps are molded into unique fun shapes resembling climbing holds, making them an ideal choice for climbers. Whether you’re seeking a personal indulgence or searching for a memorable gift or souvenir, our pretty and artistic soaps are sure to make an impression.